Grady County Georgia Sheriff Harry Young
The Grady County Detention Facility

The Grady County Detention Facility is dedicated to protecting the citizens of Grady County by humanly detaining offenders who have been arrested for jailable offenses under Georgia code. These individuals are well kept receiving two hot meals per day and have the option of ordering from A & S Commissary any snack food, personal hygine, stamps and pre-paid phone cards they can pay for up to $50.00 at any given order.

The Grady County Detention Center processes over 2,000 people per year.

Basic hygine is provided fro those inmates who have a continous zero balance in their account and are deemed “indigent”. Indigent detainees also recive a stamp and an envelope once a week upon their request to write family and or friends.

Visitation is scheduled by the first letter of the inmates last name
A – M Sat 9-11 am for 15 minutes
N – Z Sun 9-11 am for 15 minutes

Female inmates (all) Sat 8-9 am 15 minutes

Trustees (all)
Sat. 9-11 15 minutes,
Sun 9-11 15 mins and 7-8 pm 1 hour

There is a dress code for visitation. No clothing that is provocative or reveling. No t-shirts with profanity. No pocketbooks, cell phones or cameras are allowed.

The following items may be provided by friends or family to an individual detained within 24 hours of their arrest / booking:
All new in package
4 white t- shirts
4 pair boxers (white if possible)
4 white bras (no underwire)
4 white underware
4 pair white socks
1 comb (flexible, small, no pics or sharp ends)
1 Bible (soft back)
1 pair of thermal underwear white (winter months only)

Bonding Companies

Below is a list of bonding companies which are authorized to provide bonding services at the Grady County Adult Detention Center. This list is in alphabetical order and no attempt is made to promote any particular bonding company.

Brinson Bonding 229-377-4272

M & M Bonding 229-377-5090

S & S Bonding 229-377-7992

Sheriff’s Office personnel are not allowed to give out the names and telephone numbers of bonding companies. It is a violation of state law and Sheriff’s Office policy to make recommendations, give advice, or become involved in any way with the bonding process.

Please do not call the Detention Center for names and phone numbers of bonding companies. Detention Center Personnel have been directed not to give this information out, but to refer callers to the Sheriff’s Office Web Site, and the local phone book.